Combz Inc. supports people who want to transmit information by email.





Dec. 1998 Released the free e-mail newsletter "Naruhodo!.com".
Mar. 2002 Established Combz Ltd.
Jun. 2002 Released the mail delivery service"Combz Mail".
May. 2003 Became a member of OSMC.
Jul. 2003 Relocated to Kita-ku, Osaka.
Dec. 2003 Became a member of japan e-commerce conference.
Feb. 2004 Acquired the security certification "TRUST-e".
Sep. 2006 Established Combz Inc.
Apr. 2007 Became a member of E-commerce Business Society.
Jul. 2007 Acquired the information security certification "ISO27001"from JQA.
Dec. 2007 Released the web tool "Dogubakon".
Nov. 2008 Acquired Privacy Mark certification from JIPDEC.
Sep. 2009 Released the mail delivery service for mobile "Combz Mail PLUS".
Sep. 2010 Released the event announcement web tool "Caleynog Generator".
Sep. 2010 Released the program listing for live stream "Ust Time Table".
May. 2012 Released the mail delivery service for autoresponders "Natural Mail".
June. 2015 Released the trigger-based email marketing service"Combz Reco".