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About Combz Ism

What's Combz Ism?

A company is a group of people working with different goals and individual personalities.

Because we are all individuals and value our goals, we should have a vision for our future together in our company.

"Combz Ism" is how we stipulate what kind of spirit we have, and how we think, how we should act as one of the members of "Combz Ism".

Many companies have“principles” and “guidelines”that should stipulate the actions of employees, or do they?

We are using various ways to establish "Combz Ism" in the work place.

Our Mind

Support each other and progress together.

Our Vision

Best Service for You

We make communication smoother while providing a platform which connects people around the world.

Our Action

To improve human qualities as a social person

Set your goals high and write your scenario
Set your goals high and evaluate how to achieve that goal.
Be yourself and don’t hesitate to achieve what you want.
Study for work
Study hard for yourself, colleagues, company and society.
Learn not only about your special field but also extensive knowledge and cultures.
Go forward the goal
Take one step at a time towards your goal.
Know why you want to achieve that goal and how to reach it.
Don’t blame others
Don’t blame others and situations that may slow down your progress.
Accept your responsibilities and support each other.
Lean from different values
Look at the company’s external cultures and make good use of them.
This will let you know where you and your company are and how to improve it.
Keep healthy mind and healthy body
Keep healthy mind and healthy body.
Work hard to improve ourselves. Be positive and have a peaceful mind.

For the colleagues who you work with

Enjoy your work
Do the job which is worthwhile, improves your skills and gathers people’s good evaluation.
Treat your colleagues with this mind.
Support each other
Help each other because we have the same goal.
Improve production
Valuetime and speed, take action quickly.
Work hard to improve skills, and make a decision for everyone’s benefit.
Think logically
When you solve a problem or direct someone, expand your horizon,
construct your thoughts logically towards a conclusion. Also improve that skill.
State your opinion positively
Say your opinion that you agree or not and what you think. Declare your intention.
Get back to the starting point and find a different point of view.
Share your knowledge
Tell your successors why you are doing that and what they should do,
give them a good environment so they can try their best.
Improve your work
Look back at your accomplishment and try to find somewhere you can improve in a short time.
If you can't find it, reconsider how the things should be.

For your company and society

The Combz’ way of providing service
Adapt changes, regard a relationship with people as important, look internationally to creative your service.
Look intomarket and think carefully
Do marketing research to get new information and make a service from your experiences.
Aim for profit
Know the social value of the service we provide and profit from it.
Sharepart of our profit with society.