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Acquired Security Certification

We have acquired various certifications including Privacy Mark and ISO27001.

Privacy Mark

Privacy Mark

This mark is approved for use by businesses that meet certain requirements for personal information protection. Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC) has been granted an examination based on “Compliance Program Requirements for Personal Information Protection (JIS Q 15001)”.

ISO 27001 (ISMS)

ISO 27001(ISMS)

We have obtained ISO 27001 / ISMS, the world standard for information security management, from a third-party certification body, and are working to make services safer and more secure.



This mark aims to promote the protection of personal information on the website and the proper use of personal information.

This mark is given when the corresponding website is recognized as "safer" for protecting personal information.

meet the standards for personal information protection established by TRUSTe and be reviewed regularly.

Initiatives within the company

In our company, the employee has acquired the certification CPA qualification. The server is operated with a complete security system by using AWS etc. and placing it under a 24-hour monitoring system.

Get certified CPA qualification

Get certified CPA qualification

CPA is a qualification given to individuals who handle personal information certified by the nonprofit organization JPPA (Japan Privacy Professional).

At our company, employees are certified CPA qualifications, and each employee is engaged in work with knowledge of personal information protection.

We identify the information assets we have and implement daily measures to reduce risk. In addition, ongoing third-party reviews are conducted.

Thorough risk management

Thorough risk management

The server uses AWS, etc., and is placed under a 24-hour monitoring system to provide a stable service supply and a secure security system.

Cyber risk insurance

Cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated in recent years, and there are concerns that the number of attacks will increase further in the future.

We have cyber risk insurance as a precaution.

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